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Year 6 SATs Information

The Year 6 SATs will be held w/c 13th May (Monday to Thursday).  We will have held practice SATs weeks before then so that the chidlren are comfortable with the format of papers and the room they will be working in.  We are also doing plenty of revision in school!  Extra revision clubs will be held after school in the lead up to May. Parents have been emailed a link to book these on School Spider.

Here is the timetable for SATs week:



Following SATs week, children will be producing a variety of written work to showcase their talents in writing so that the teachers can assess them across a range of genres.  

If you want extra help in preparing for SATs, the links below will help you.  



BBC Bitesize have put together some revision resources with interactive games, which will help your child revise for the Arithmetic and Reasoning papers:

Button SAT Maths Reasoning.png Button SATs Arithmetic.png



These BBC Bitesize pages offer revision guides combined with interactive games for both Grammar and Reading papers:

Button SAT Grammar.png Button SATsReading.png


Here are a list of Spelling Rules that your child should know as well as the word lists they should memorise the spellings of:

Button - SATS Spellings.png Button SAT Spelling Lists.png



If the thought of the SATs are getting too much, here are some really useful resources for children and parents on how to deal with exam stress.  

Button SAT Support Pupis.png Button SAT Support Parents.png


All the staff in Year 6 are there to support your child in the best way possible.  If you have any concerns, then do get in touch!


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