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At Fulfen, it is our strong belief that every child, regardless of background, can leave our school with the ability to read fluently and with an instilled enjoyment of reading that lasts for a lifetime, far beyond their Fulfen journey. We develop a child's love of reading as soon as they start school and immerse them into the wonderful opportunities that books offer. We believe that children do not just become readers: fluency and enjoyment are the result of careful teaching and frequent practice. As a result, we ensure that reading is at the heart of everything that we do and that our enriching curriculum supports children to access a wealth of texts.

English lessons at Fulfen Primary School are centred around high-quality texts that children can immerse themselves within. These texts are purposefully chosen to engage our children and are synonymous with the genre of focus. Each year group have access to writing different genres to ensure that, throughout their time at Primary School, children have experience writing for particular purposes. Guided Reading is taught through a whole-class approach, ensuring that all children have access, with the appropriate level of support, to rich and challenging texts. Vocabulary is taught explicitly, where appropriate, so that texts are accessible and children can delve deeper with their levels of inference. We have a large focus here at Fulfen on the author's intent, so that children's own writing is both purposeful and powerful. After all, great writing comes from great reading. Please see our pages below for further information regarding Reading, Spelling, Handwriting, Phonics and SATs.


Our subject policy and a detailed curriculum map and progression document can be found at the bottom of this page.

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