Fulfen Primary School

Love of Learning... Encouraging... Adaptable... Determination

Vision & Values



Our Vision:

Our forward-thinking school aims to prepare our children for a rapidly changing world by delivering a creative, challenging curriculum which is tailored to the needs of all pupils and inspires children to be the best that they can be.  A Fulfen child will be kind, caring and considerate.  They will become independent, reflective learners and will embrace opportunities confidently.



Our Values:

Our four school values underpin our pupils' behaviour and attitudes throughout their time at Fulfen.  Our pupils unlock their personal and academic potential as they lead their way to their brightest future.




British Values

Our school reflects the British values in all that we do.  We aim to support our children throughout their primary school journey so they can develop into safe and caring individuals who will become democratic, responsible and tolerant adults who will make a positive difference to the society they live in.  This is evident in our assemblies, school council actions and through the breadth of our curriculum.

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Main Contact: Mrs S Steele
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