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At Fulfen, we take great pride in providing a wide variety of experiences beyond the taught curriculum.  

Our approach is holistic, with the aim of creating well-rounded individuals who are confident, creative, and independent.  We offer a range of opportunities with the aim of opening pupils' minds, devloping skills and learning new things.  The extra-curricular experiences that we provide expose our pupils to new ideas whilst continuing to develop our LEAD values.

Throughout the school, our teachers are committed to creating learning experiences that are challenging and enjoyable, which not only helps to reinforce concepts, but also encourages a love for learning that will stay with our pupils throughout their lives.  

Provision of extra curricular clubs such as coding, gardening, digital music and art and craft (to mention a few) provide a wealth of opportunities for children to grow and develop.  We also provide a wide range of sporting activities to help develop pupils' confidence, teamwork skills and resilience.  Every child has the opportunity to participate and enjoy physical activity.  Our Forest School, run by our Forest School expert in our extensive grounds and forest area, is designed to encourage children to explore the natural world, develop their problem-solving skills, and engage with their environment in a meaningful way. 

In addition to these opportunities, we also offer a range of trips to broaden our pupils' experiences; from Harry Potter World to Art Galleries and Museums - the world is our oyster!


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We are constantly encouraging our pupils to disover and pursue their talents in order to become the best they can be and you can see some examples by tapping on the buttons below:


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