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Use of Technology to Enhance Teaching and Learning

Technology is powerful and so is creativity.  Put them together and you'll be amazed by what is possible!

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said ‘Everything flows and nothing stays’. In our world, change is occurring all around us, at a seemingly exponential rate. In particular, technology has changed the way in which we live, work, play, and socialise; it is increasingly embedded in our society.  As a school, we believe it is important to respond to this and reinvent and reimagine our learning opportunities so that children can adapt to our changing world and are ready to become creative problem-solvers of tomorrow.

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At Fulfen we now have iPads available for all children to use.  This enables our pupils to develop vital skills in today's world. Our curriculum design incorportates the use of technology as a vital tool in the classroom. We can give pupils the opportunity to creatively apply what the have learnt.  Our pupils are building a plethora of skills that will allow them to become creators of content; they are in the driving seat.  This promotes deeper engagement and development of strong critical thinking and creative skills.  Pupils express their learning through videos, animation, tutorials, trailers, podcasts and webpages. The iPads do not replace written work; they help to enhance it and improve outcomes.  Careful consideration is given to how technology is used to achieve a balance between written work and digital creations.  The use of technology can help to capture children's imagination, support their learning, deepen their understanding and even improve their motivation to write.  

Technology can make risk-taking easier; mistakes are easier to deal with when they can be undone with a tap or a swipe and as Rober Schuller said “What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?”

How do we organise our iPads?

Year 1 & 2  - permanent iPads 1 between 2 in their classroom
Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 - 1 to 1 iPads supported by parental contributions

About our iPad Scheme:

When children reach Key Stage 2, we offer a scheme whereby parents can contribute towards the cost of the iPad and, in return, the child can take the iPad home with them every night and they can keep the iPad when they leave Fulfen.

We have found the scheme to be incredibly successful, far beyond what we had hoped when we started it three years ago.  The iPads have enabled us to create tasks that would never have been conceivable working with pencil and paper.  We have found that learning has become more focused and children are able to have more control over the resources they use in lessons.


Find out more about our journey with iPad in this case-study:



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