Fulfen Primary School

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Governor Roles

Chair of Governors:  Jack Boardman

Vice-Chair of Governors:  Chloe Ballett

Since all decisions are taken as a Full Governing body, we have special Link Governor roles which assign lead responsibility for one (or more) strategic areas of the school's development, to individual Governors. These are distributed as follows:


Link Governor

Standards, SIP/SEN, Inclusion, LAC, Pupil Premium, Gifted & Talented.

Lewis Field

EYFS/Pre-School/Admissions/Extended Schools

Elaine Witcomb

Health & Safety/Premises

Andrew Ritchie

Finance/Staffing//GDPR/PE, Sports Premium, Healthy Schools

Louise Poxon

School Council

Rachel Dingle

Promotion & Marketing, Club/main/Nursery

Melanie Wright

Staff & Pupil Wellbeing/ Pupil WellBeing/Website/Governor Training and Development/Governance Admin

Chloe Ballet

Safeguarding, Attendance,Online, Prevent

Hayley Copper

Head Teacher Performance Management Jack Boardman

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