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Here at Fulfen, our aim is for children to see themselves as historians and to inspire them with a life-long love of history.  We want children to be curious, to ask questions and to draw on evidence to form conclusions about the past. We aim for children to gain an understanding of the history of Britain before 1066, discover the past in their local area and be amazed by the diversity of ancient civilisations around the world. 

At Fulfen, we have four big aims.  Firstly, we want children to be able to investigate and interpret the past.  Secondly, we aim for children to gain an overview of world history.  Thirdly, we would like children to gain a secure understanding of chronology.  Finally, we aim for children to be able to communicate historically by the explicit teaching of historical vocabulary.

Our historical aims are taught through exciting and engaging history topics, which include the history of the local coal-mining industry, the Vikings and the Victorians, matched to the expectations of the National Curriculum.  We also celebrate Black History Month each year.

We love history here at Fulfen and we aim for everybody to leave our school loving history too.

Our subject policy and a detailed curriculum map and progression summary can be found at the bottom of the page.

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