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Admissions for other year groups and in-year admissions

We have a class size limit of thirty children in Reception, Year One and Year Two. 

These classes can occasionally exceed thirty, if the Local Authority has accepted pupils as ‘permitted exceptions’ which breach the government's class size pledge. 


Our Key Stage Two classes (Years Three, Four, Five and Six), usually have a class size limit of thirty, although we are sometimes able to admit more than 30 pupils. Our Key Stage Two pupils access an iPad scheme so that they can use a school iPad for the duration of Key Stage Two to support their learning - find out more here.


If you are interested in your child joining our school, please get in touch with the office on office@fulfen.staffs.sch.uk to arrange a visit to the school to find out more about us.


If you would like to apply for a place, then parents are asked to submit an 'In-year Application' form supplied by Staffordshire County Council (download a copy of the form here).  There is a section which must be completed by your child's current headteacher.  Further information about 'in-year' admissions in Staffordshire can be found here.

The completed form should be submitted to Fulfen Primary School.  Following receipt of an application, we will notify Staffordshire County Council of the application and its status; you will receive a letter stating whether or not a place can be offered.  This letter will also outline the next steps in terms of preparing to start or appealing the decision.


School Appeals Process

If you have been unsuccessful in your application for Fulfen Primary School, you can find information on the appeals process here.

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