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Lockdown Success at Fulfen!

There may have been some negativity in the press and social media about schools and education as schools were closed from March 2020 and again in January 2021, but it's reassuring to know that, here at Fulfen many pupils thrived on their home-learning provision during lockdown.  The videos above show just a tiny snippet of some of the learning and activities from our home learning.  On top of the curriculum, children have been learning skills such as sign language, how to juggle and have been encouraged to bake, explore the environment and share all of these experiences with their teachers.  

Seesaw was up and running from day one of the first lockdown and teachers provided creative and engaging lessons via this simple-to-use platform.  Children have been sent, songs, videos, outdoor activities, PE challenges and regular artwork set by our resident artist, Mrs Ashcroft.  

After sending out a survey to parents on their views on the home-learning provision last April, we were astounded by the responses.  Out of over 120 families who responded, 96% of parents said that their child was getting the right amount of work; 93% said that the work was as the right level of challenge for their child; 99% were impressed with the way tasks were designed and presented and 92% think that teachers gave excellent feedback including positive reinforcement and further challenges where needed.  These are simply remarkable figures and we have built upon our practice during the latest lockdown.

Miss Davies is incredibly proud of pupils and staff for the way they've shone through these difficult times. "As a digitally advanced school, we always knew we were in a good postition, but never thought the outcomes of our home-learning would have been so positive.  Children not only complete their daily tasks, but send in videos of all the extra things they've been doing at home and they are alao able to chat with their friends in a safe, monitored environment on the blog."  

Here are some of the comments from our parents:

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