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Year 6 - Paris Residential

On Monday 22nd May, at 4am, 38 excited children boarded a coach to Paris. They arrived at their beautiful chateau on Monday afternoon and enjoyed an action packed week. Not only did the children complete a whole range of activities on site, including plenty of splashing around in the outdoor heated pool, but they also had the opportunity to visit a French market and test out their French language skills, climb the Eiffel Tower, take a ride on Bateaux Parisien and visit the wonderful Disneyland Paris. The children's behaviour was exemplary, with the border control staff even approaching us to comment that Fulfen was 'one of the best school groups' they had ever seen! They certainly made us proud.

Here is what the children thought of their time in France:


"An extraordinary experience for us all, with memories we will never forget."

"Unbelievably good!"

"Everyone had lots of fun and it was really nice to be independent."

"An independent, life changing experience."





Year 3 visited Think Tank in Birmingham

Our Year 3 children had a fabulous time recently on their visit to Think Tank in Birmingham. Here is what they had to say when they got back to school:

"I really enjoyed the body section. You got to play games and learn all about the different body parts. The day was perfect!"

"It was brilliant. I enjoyed watching us control the Mars rover. It was inside a plastic box so you couldn't touch it but it was so cool!"

"It was such an exciting day. I loved the science garden with the water play. There was a hose in the water and you had to pull back the lever and then squirt it at a target. It was so funny."


Year 5  Greek Day

Our Year 5 children celebrated the end of their Ancient Greek topic by dressing up, learning Greek myths and food tasting. They had a great time, here is what they had to say:

"I dressed up as Athena the Greek goddess. I enjoyed trying the food, my favourite was the honey and pastry. I also liked learning about the Greek myths. We had a go at acting them out. It was funny."


"I enjoyed the food the most. I really liked the feta cheese. I came as a Greek goddess and we acted out the myths."


"I enjoyed the whole day. I really liked playing the games but they took a long time to win. I used a duvet cover for my outfit but it looked great."



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