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Newsletter Wednesday 4th October 2017

What a busy week we've had!

Spellings:  Most children are now bringing in their spellings regularly and are moving through the books.  If your child hasn't brought theirs in yet, please practise their spellings with them at home and send them into school.

The books are: Garden, Bee, Circus, Pelican... and to be in line with age-related expectations Year 2 chilldren should be at the end of the Circus book by the end of Year 2.  By regularly practising and bringing in their Super Spelling Books, children will make good progress with their spellings - as well as receiving certificates at the end of each book!

The spelling rule we've been looking at is adding ing and ed to verbs.

Reading:  Please remember to read regularly with your child at home. They should ideally be changing their books twice a week (until they get onto the thicker books).  Some children are already reaping the rewards of regular reading and are making their way through the jungle reading display in class - keep this up!

Children have now taken the Accelerated Reading Tests that we mentioned in the "Meet the Teacher" Meetings.  Some children should be bringing home some information about this on Friday - so they'll be able to start.  Please don't worry if your child doesn't bring the information home this time; we will check regularly to see if they are ready to move onto it.

English -  We've been writing sentences, checking they make sense and extending them with conjunctions this week.  We will be writing our final diary entries next week.  Maybe your child could do a diary entry over the weekend?  Can they:

  • write in the past tense?
  • use the first person (me, I, my, us, our, we)?
  • use conjunctions to extend sentences?
  • use exciting adjectives to describe?
  • use time connectives at the start of a sentence (When, After, Just then,)?
  • write about how they felt during the events?

Maths - In maths we've been doing LOTS of practise of number bonds to 10 and 20 and all the numbers in between.

There are some great games on this website to practise bonds to 10:

Also - look below for some extra worksheets you could print out for your child to practise their bonds to 10, 20 and 100.

Confidence in this area of maths will have a huge impact in overall confidence in maths!

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